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Improvement of Seismic Design and Construction. Educate the Gatekeepers.

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With limited time and resources (money and personnel) what are most cost 
effective  and timely measures to improve seismic design and construction?

Many of the members of the State of California Seismic Safety Commission, 
Proposition 122 Oversight Panel, serving without fee, believe that education 
of the code enforcement personnel (the "Gatekeepers") is  very cost effective 
and can provide near term, if not immediate, results to improve seismic 
design and construction.

In other words, if we are going to make a difference in the quality of 
seismic design and construction start with the people who are in a position 
to make an improvement by effectively enforcing the seismic design and 
construction provisions in the building codes on a daily basis.  Educate the 

Code enforcement personnel are urged to consider attending the ATC/SEAOC 
Seismic Design and Construction Seminars being offered on June 17,1999 in 
Concord, California and on June 21, 1999 in the City of Commerce, California.
Persons interested in attending these seminars can obtain additional 
information and can download the seminar registration form from ATC's web 
site (

Also, the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) has a broader 
educational program for building enforcement personnel.  Contact ICBO's web 
site ( or call (800) 423-6587 for additional information.

Frank E. McClure     FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)    May 19, 1999