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RE: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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> Subject: RE: Strange stuff that I don't understand.
> Since you have
> knowledge of a
> potentially dangerous condition, I think you have placed
> yourself in harm's
> way from a liability standpoint even if you do nothing
> further.

There was a court case a few years ago described to me recently by our
liability insurance underwriter, wherein a structural engineer visiting a
construction jobsite witnessed an unsafe situation, and mentioned it in
passing to someone on the site.

Not long after, an accident occurred as a result of that condition which
killed someone.

Apparently, someone on the site had overheard the engineer's remark, and in
the course of discovery the plaintiff's attorney learned about it. He added
the engineer to the lawsuit as a defendant, and eventually, the lawsuit was
won and the engineer's liability insurance had to pay off.

Pretty scarey.

I'd say John's situation is much less subtle than that one.