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RE: fem & caissons

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Mark D. Baker wrote:

> We are going to continue the Risa model, pile modeled 
> as a solid with appropriate section properties and  
> compression only springs at one foot intervals simply 
> for the purpose of comparing to the Florida program. 

I would be interested in hearing about how this comparison 
comes out.  I've often wondered how such a spring model would 
compare with the more "exact" methods.  I too have sometimes 
used a spring model as an approximate method with varying spring 
stiffnesses, but realizing it is not as accurate a method.  

I downloaded and took a brief look at the Florida pier program, 
but it looks rather complex.  How many soil parameters does it 
require?  One of the problems generally encountered is that the 
soil's report may not include all of the information required 
for input.