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RE: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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>I think we are
>ethically bound to report structural engineers who are practicing
>substandard engineering.
Bill's right. In Minnesota and in Florida it is a violation of the 
Standards of Professional Conduct _not_ to report violations to the 
board. The ASME also has similar provisions in its (never enforced) 
standards and likely so does ASCE and NSPE. There are also provisions 
against false acusations and defamation of other engineers, so having the 
cojones to confront someone means you better have proof. That said, it's 
possible to have suspected misconduct investigated anonymously, which has 
a lot of advantages for everyone. 

In the case in question, I'm still convinced the best thing to do is 
invite the guy to lunch and bring up the subject of the soft roof and 
what's progressed. Lynching the architect, who certainly didn't set out 
to do anything improper, won't do anyone any good.

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