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FW: Strange stuff that I don't understand.

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You owe it to your client to represent his interests as professionally
and ethically as possible.  If this building is sub-standard his only
recourse at this stage is to identify the problems now and take the
necessary steps to alleviate them. His potential liability in the future
is enormous; you could lose the client simply because he has been
litigated out of business.  He is obviously looking to you for some
guidance or he would not have discussed the problem with you.

	I would add that this is a great way to "market" to your client.
I don't know why your architect client would not come back to you in the
future for structural engineering services now that he has learnt his
lessons. Good structural engineers who can go the extra mile would
always get our business and recommendations.

	Vince Yu
	Pickard Architects