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Re: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

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Excuse me, but the jokes had NOTHING to do with women Engineers, only
women.  The joke had nothing to do with women in the workplace, but
rather about personal relationships.  It is a real stretch to say that a
woman would be offended by these jokes because she has been
discriminated against in the workplace.  (female logic, jeeez!) (that's
a joke, hehehe)!!

So I don't think your comments are valid for the jokes that were posted.


-=maura=- wrote:
> It is easy for me to laugh at jokes about architects, because I have never
> been discriminated against because I am an architect. Ditto for being
> canadian, or for various other characteristics that I posses. Jokes about
> engineers in general are funny, because being an engineer in this society
> puts you near the top. The reason jokes about women on an engineering
> listserve are not funny is because women in engineering have been, and
> continue to be discriminated against, harassed, denied opportunity and
> advancement, and even here in Canada, murdered, simply because they are
> women. Yes, things are getting better, but the world is not perfect yet.
> I would suggest that a woman engineer who has felt the sting of prejudice
> or harrassment in her career is acutely reminded of it when jokes about
> women appear in an engineering forum. Its the context that is important.
> When I first read that particular joke, it was in a 'chat' type listserve,
> and it had the male countpart, and I did not find it offensive. For the
> seaint list, the male part of the joke was removed, and *only* women were
> targeted. In the context of the history of women in engineering, that is
> offensive. I'll 'lighten up' when woman can become engineers and practice
> engineering on the same basis as men, when one's gender is no longer an
> issue in the profession.
> respectfully,
> Maura Gatensby Architect
> Vancouver, Canada