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Re: Timber Dry Rot

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You need to remove (or kill ) all of the spores plus at least an extra
metre of the beam that looks to be unaffected, it's also likely that all
other timber within the immediate vicinity are contaminated.

At 21:08 21/05/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I have to deal with a timber (4X8) beam that has sufferred from dry rot.  I 
>plan to remove as much as possible of the dry rot and protect the beam from 
>future moisture. The beam is not heavily loaded and I believe that the 
>remaining portion of  the beam  is adequate to carry the load, possibly with 
>the help of reinforcement or partial splicing  with new timber. 
> My  question is: if all of the existing dry not is not successfully removed 
>(accessibility is not ideal) will the dry rot continue to propagate on the 
>modified, moisture-protected beam?
>                            Roy Levy