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For Urgent Review and Comment - Blue Book Commentary to wood diaphragms

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This was posted under a different subject and I thought it should be changed 
so that those new to this thread would be more apt to review.  Please read 
Ali Sadre's comments below and RUSH your comments through by the 24th 
(Monday) the latest.

Here is the current proposal (for our members' input). Unfortunately, the 
time is compressed.  Please try to post your thoughts by May 24. 
All paragraphs are being numbered for easy reference. Please note that ONLY 
PARAGRAPH # 2 IS UNDER REVIEW.  All other paragraphs have already been 
reveiwed and approved by various local and state Committees.  I have included 
the complete Section so that Paragraph # 2 woud be better assessed (in the 
context in which it is being proposed).