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NCEES Registration

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Being "registered" with NCEES has been very useful.  Every year there is a
dues fee and a request for a new letter of reference.

For those who do not know NCEES,, once registered in one state
you can register with NCEES.  Just like the original registration, you have
your transcripts sent to them, your registration information sent to them
and your references.

So when you want to register in another state, the NCEES info is forwarded
for a small fee, no going back to your school, state and references.  The
state your are sending this to, may just now need the money and maybe some
new letters of references.  This can happen very quickly also.

Please note new email address, old active during transition.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Newport Beach, California

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Subject: NCEES Registration

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Due to recent contracts, I need to acquire registration in seven =
additional states,
with potentially five more as the work progresses.

I understand that for a fee I can register with NCEES, and that this =
registration will=20
then facilitate obtaining the required registrations.=20

What is the experience on the list?  Do the engineers who have multiple =
state registrations utilize NCEES, and if so,=20
any feedback on the usefulness of the service?

Thank You

Paul Feather  PE