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NCEES Registration

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The experience record portion is the real advantage of the program.  I've 
recommend the NCEES "record holder" program to every newly licensed PE I come 
across.  My motivation was sparing them the pain I went through trying to get 
a second license after 15 years of employment with only 4 employers.  Firms 
do close up, your old boss can keel over and die, etc.  Due to privacy or 
liability concerns some employers have adopted policies that they only verify 
when you were employed by them.  License applications usually want 
descriptions of what you did there, not just when you did it.  Much better to 
keep up a verifiable experience record as you go along.  It can be 
problematic when you're self employed to get experience updates from old 
employers with whom you now compete.  The NCEES record lets you do it once 
then you don't bother them again.

One problem with both state applications (and the NCEES annual updates) is 
you usually need a typewriter to fill out the forms.  Typewriters (and 
skilled operators) just seem to be disappearing from the workplace.  

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA