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Re: For Urgent Review and Comment - Blue Book Commentary

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I believe an area limitation, below which consideration of the rigidity of 
the diaphram need not be made, would be appropriate much like the limitation 
for Conventional Construction at least until we have better tested 
information on how to analyze and quantify the rigidity of the various 
assemblies of wood diaphrams.

Another idea would be to limit the shear wall stress to 1/2 values (similar 
to uninspected masonry) if a rigid diaphram analysis is required but not 
elected to be  performed. 

These ideas are put forth in order to keep the computational effort required 
for most single family residences, condominiums, or small limited occupancy 
structures comensurate with the fees an engineer may realistically expect to 
receive. The benefit to cost ratio of a rigid diaphram analysis is 
questionable, and further may not more accurately predict the response of the 
structure due to a number of reasons unrelated to our computational abilities.