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RE: Elevated Water Tank Evaluation

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The evaluation of elevated water tanks is a highly specialized field.  You
might want to contact a specialist in this area.  I would contact Steve
Meier meier(--nospam--at)  

You did not say whether the tank is concrete or steel.  The seismic design
loads are in a state of flux.  Use the AWWA D100 for impulsive and
convective loads.  There are many documents on the corrosion.  Do a search
on testing in the ACI web site if it is a concrete tank.

A couple of corrosion web sites are:

>From the American Water Works Assn.

Standard, ANSI/AWWA  D100-96,  AWS D5.2-96,  Welded Steel Tanks For Water
Storage, 1996. (AWWA D100)

Standard ANSI/AWWA D103-97, Factory-Coated Bolted Steel Tanks for Water
Storage, 1997. (AWWA D103)

Standard,  ANSI/AWWA  D110-95, Wire-and Strand-Wound Circular Prestressed
Concrete Water Tanks, 1995. (AWWA D110)

Standard, ANSI/AWWA D115-95, Circular Prestressed Concrete Tanks With
Circumferential Tendons, 1995. (AWWA D115)

>From the American Concrete Institute

Guide for the Analysis, Design, and Construction of Concrete Pedestal Water

Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures (ACI 350)

Testing Reinforced Concrete Structures for Watertightness 

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Elevated Water Tank Evaluation

Our firm is being asked to evaluate an existing elevated water tank for
corrosion and structural adequacy.

I know there have been some threads on tank design, but it seems most are
related to fuel tanks.

Anyone know what national standards are used for the design/evaluation of
elevated water tanks?  Design considerations include typhoon (hurricane)
wind loading as well as seismic.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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