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RE: NCEES Registration

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This service is not actually free.  There is an initial $125.00
registration fee then an annual $25.00 maintenance fee.  They will set
up a file, confirm your education, work experience, and your references.
 Not all states will recognize the NCEES registration; or only recognize
portions of this.  In addition it will cost $45.00 per application.  If
you are getting 7 licenses, this may well be worth the effort if your
experience is with a couple of different companies.  In addition, You
will minimize the number of times that your old employers and references
will  have to fill out similar applications.  This alone will reduce the
application times.  

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Sent: Saturday, May 22, 1999 1:41 AM
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Subject: NCEES Registration

Due to recent contracts, I need to acquire registration in seven
additional states,
with potentially five more as the work progresses.

I understand that for a fee I can register with NCEES, and that this
registration will 
then facilitate obtaining the required registrations. 

What is the experience on the list?  Do the engineers who have multiple
state registrations utilize NCEES, and if so, 
any feedback on the usefulness of the service?

Thank You

Paul Feather  PE