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Re: NCEES Registration

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By and large, you are correct.  There are exceptions to this general rule, 
though.  For example, Texas does not care for NCEES record.  At least, that 
is what the Board's Chief (Whatever his designation) told me over the phone a 
year or two back.  Nor does the Texas Board trust record available in any 
other state of registration.  I am registered in Oklahoma - registered 
through the PE and FE examinations.  I came from India and considering the 
difficulties and time delays involved in obtaining transcripts from the 
colleges I was at, 25 to 30 years ago, I suggested to Texas Board to get 
those documents from Oklahoma Board.  Texas Board refused.  Here is the best 
part.  I took master's degree from University of Oklahoma on the basis of GRE 
and TOEFL examination and, I have been practicing as a registered P.E. since 
1990.  However, Texas Board requires that either I take TOEFL examination 
again or produce written documents to prove that I am proficient in english 

All that to say that while NCEES record is accepted by several states there 
are still some states that considers themslves to be above the rest.

Rajendran, P.E.
Bartlesville, OK