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RE: NCEES Registration

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Having recently taken the Illinois SE exam (but still waiting for results),
I am familiar with the test.

Requirements for Illinois SE in general description are:
Graduate with bachelor's degree from ABET accreditted college or equivalent
(must prove that it is equivalent)
Take and pass 8 hour EIT exam
Four (4) years professional experience
Take and pass 16 hour SE exam (loads of pun intended)

I am not sure what the 4 hour general exam that Bob Johnson refered to, but
may deal with a situation in which someone had not taken the EIT or some
such.  All I know is that it did not affect me since I had already taken and
passed the EIT and already had my PE in Michigan (meaning I had already
taken the 8 hour civil PE exam).  That 4 hour exam may be for those in
Illinois who want an SE without already having a PE liscense in Illinois or
some other state.

My understanding for California is that for me to get a California PE
license I would need to take an additional 4 hour exam covering seismic
issues and surveying.  I also understand that to get a California SE
licesnse, I have to have 6 years of experience under a licensed California

I will be the first to confess that I am not at all familiar with the
California requirements, since I have not had a reason to pursue a license
in that state.  However, I would appreciate it is others on the listserv
could enlighten me on the requirements for PE and SE in California.



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My associate tried to obtain reciprocity in Illinois for structural 
engineering and was denied because he only has the equivalent of a PE
in California. Here is the requirement of registration in CA.
8 Hours EIT
8 Hours CE (PE) 
16 Hours SE

According to your letter, Illinois only required
8 Hours EIT 
4 Hours SE to be qualified.

I don't understand why Illinois is so strict on reciprosity when they are
as strict on licensing requirments in their own states?

Could this simply be a bureaucratic hitch based on the lack of understanding

by those who approve reciprocal licenses and have not understanding of the 
qualifications that each title represents?

Dennis S. Wish PE