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RE: Thread Locking

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Two other options that I can offer: use an additional jamb nut (a thinner 
nut that gets tightened against the usual nut) and a locking nut (nut that 
has been fitted with some special feature that locks it to the threads, 
usually mechanically). If you're looking at an existing assembly, though, 
these suggestions may not be practical.


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Subject:	Thread Locking

Any thoughts on good ways to lock up threads?

I have some steel eyebars packed on a pin with recessed pin nuts holding
them in place.  The pins are about 3" in diameter and they are exposed to
weather.  I don't want the nuts to loosen, of course.  The options I can
think of are thread-lock compound, tack-welding, and burring the threads

Is there a reliable thread-lock compound (besides rust)?