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RE: flag pole deflection

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Since your structure is only subjected to lateral load and a minimal axial
L / 240 should apply. Higher limits apply to structures subjected to live
load (people, vehicles ) since they would feel the effects of high
deflections. I think nobody would like to cross a bridge that is deflecting
too much even though it is still standing or stand in a floor that is
sagging.To satisfy the limit of "L/360" for a flagpole would result in an
overdesigned section. 

The problem with poles is that they are subjected to fatigue brought about
by vibration. Excessive deflection can lead to fatigue stress and this
should be prevented from happening.  

I am in the process of checking and upgrading the two-poles of Toyota and
providing recommendations for the ones that are being built. These have some
similarities with the flagpole. For the deflection, I suggest an "L/240"

Hope this can guide you.

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>     Subject : Flag Pole deflection
>  We are making a  flag pole( height =10 m ). 
>  But, have no idea about the allowable maximum deflection 
>  in the extream case. 
>  L/200  or  L/100  ?
>  Please !  any will help ! 
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>  We are making the flag pole !
> but