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Metal sheathing on wood poles

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        I have a "situation" where I have to support a metal sheathing (as a roof) on wood rafters, which in turn are supported by wood beams and wood poles.  They'll probably be made on eucalyptus. 
        Problem is; the wood beams and poles are not glulam, they are just plain logs (we call them "rollizos" around here).  The structure is not very important, it just has to support nominal snow loads (0,3 kN/m2) and its own weight.  Cars are supposed to park beneath it.
        Question is; do you know how to size members? I mean, elastic and long-term deformations are the main concern in this case.  Since material properties are very variable and the loads are very low, resistance conditions will be suficiently satisfied.
        Also, suggestions on how to lateral-brace the structure will be very welcome (keep in mind cars must be able to get under the roof from the sides).
        Thanks in advance,
Rodrigo Lema.