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RE: NCEES Registration

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Title: RE: NCEES Registration

1)  What a problem, most of the people in Texas are not "proficient in english language!!!"

2)  The work we have performed for large clients has indicated that a great portion of Texas does not use building codes.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Newport Beach, CA

3)  All that to say that while NCEES record is accepted by several states there are still some states that considers themslves to be above the rest.

Rajendran, P.E.
Bartlesville, OK

Stan Caldwell responds:

To Bill-

1)  Y'all better mind yer manners right quick, or we Texans are fixin' to get upset!  Besides, I am convinced that more than one-half are proficient in English, and almost all of the others are proficient in Spanish.

2)  You must be doing rural projects.  A great portion of Texas remains unincorporated raw land.  Unfortunately, by State Law, only municipalities can adopt and enforce building codes.  For the past several years, we have been working to change the law such that county government could adopt and enforce building codes in their unincorporated areas.  So far, this effort has met with repeated failure.  All municipalities in Texas currently enforce building codes.  Most use UBC, but the Gulf Coast cities and towns use SBC.  Interestingly, the regional ICBO and SBCC offices are directly across the street from each other in Austin, and both intend to remain open for business next year peddling IBC-2000!

To Raj-

3)  You need to understand that most Texans do not consider Texas to be better than any other state (except, of course, for the surrounding territories of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana).  Texans have never shown much interest in venturing north of the Red River, for east of the Sabine River.  As Richard Burton once said, "Why go out for hamburger, when you can have steak at home?"

Regards, with a grin,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas, Texas (Hockeytown South)