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Re: Timber Dry Rot

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Thank you for your response.

I looked into using the  Abatron Products: Liquid wood  followed by Wood Epox
to build up the removed areas, as  also suggested  by  Nels Roselund.  This 
may be the ideal solution, but the cost of the these products (retail, 
because this is for my own personal  use and I have no contractor license)  
that might be needed  for this application and the associated preparation  
and installation would appear to exceed a complete removal and ab initio 

I expect that the repair will be made along the lines  you followed: hardener 
and fungus inhibitor.  Thank you for suggesting this approach.  

However, I question the use of the Thompson product. I have been told in 
paint departments  that this is merely wax and the usefulness of the product  
is  partly advertising hype.

Roy Levy,  Ph.D, P.E.