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Re: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

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I was planning to stay out of this thread, but got caught up in some of the 
comments.  I would really be interested in more info on the woman that was 
murdered because she was an engineer.  I find that extremely incredible.  I 
feel there has to be a lot more variables in there than the mere fact she was 
an engineer.  There had to be someone will a "head problem" involved in this 

Well, I think what Maria I. Falconi posted makes the most sense for what I 
have seen in engineering and all walks of life.  I doubt there will ever be a 
perfect world, nor do I think anyone can even describe this "perfect world" 
we always hear about.

The thing I do see is how each person handles discrimination of any kind.  
Everyone on this listserver is discriminated against daily.  The easy ones to 
spot are those discriminations that are visible (race, sex, age, etc).   How 
each of us deals with this is definitely different. Remove all types of 
discrimination and you will have removed a part of real-life that builds our 
own personal determination and ability to overcome obstacles placed in our 
path. I would rather fight my way to the top of a mountain and then have to  
worry about falling back down than to have someone place me there with no 
effort on my part.     At least at that point, I know I have a right to be 
there.  If I get there with more adversity (at least I think more adversity), 
then I am even prouder of my effort.  But if I looked at what others had to 
do to get there also, (really look hard at their effort) I may find they had 
equally as hard of a trip.

As far as discrimination in general,  I have always believed if you took a 
large group of people with a similar discrimination (lets say fat people 
since I am one) and put them together for a year without any outside 
influence, they would have created their own discrimination "groups".  When 
you look at the way they treat each other, I bet they would have broken up 
into a group of "Not-so-fat" and "Really-fat".  I have seen this already on a 
small scale.    And should this ever happen, I would be in the "Not-so-fat" 
group.   LOL

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, Al

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