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Re: Seismic Design Manuals

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Per SEAOC flyer of upcoming seminar:

"Vol 1 of the Seismic Design Manuals is the first of a three-volume set
developed by the Structural Engineering Association of California to provide
guidance on the interpretation and use of the seismic requirements in the 1997
Uniform Building Code (UBC) and SEAOC's 1999 Recommended Lateral Force
Requirements and Commentary of the Blue Book, which explains the basis for the
UBC seismic provisions, and everyday structural engineering design practice. 
It illustrates how the provisions of the code are used.  Vol. 1: Code
Application Examples, provides step-by-step examples of how to use individual
code provisions, such as how to compute [the] base shear or building period. 
Volumes II and III: Building Design Examples will furnish examples of the
seismic design of common types buildings."  

>>> Chris Palmateer <chrisp(--nospam--at)> 05/25/99 01:46PM >>>
I have seen numerous references made in regard to the Seismic Design Manuals
(Vols. I, II and III?).
Can someone please elaborate a bit on what is contained in them and who
compiled them?