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Re: Seismic Zone For India

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The information is available in the National Building Code of India
approved by ISI.  The last time I used this code was in mid 1980s.  
Based on the 1983 code, the seismic zone for Amritsar, Punjab is IV
compared with zone V for Kathmandu, Nepal.  (The code separated
earthquake zones in V compared with IV in USA.)  The corresponding
Seismic zone factor for Average Acceleration Spectra were 0.25 and 0.40
for zones IV and V, respectively. As the earthquake engineering advanced
considerably in U.S. in last fifteen year, I assume the seismic
coefficients and design requirements have changed in the Indian codes as
well.  Kathmandu is definitely comparable to a Zone IV for the UBC. 
Therefore, I would assume that Amritsar, Punjab is closer to Zone III of
UBC.  The requirements for earhquake resistant design and analysis may
not be as stringent in Punjab as is required in the UBC97.

The basic wind speed is closer to 100 kmph (65 mph) as per the 1983
code.  Please check the latest codes for detailed information.

Satinder P. Singh

SONSUR2(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I am doing a project in Punjab India, I would like to know what is the
> seismic zone for Punjab India is and what is the wind velocity?
> My architect is telling me they use zone 4 for seismic and for and wind
> velocity use 100 MPH, I have doubts about this factors.
> If any body has some experience working in that part of country or have some
> references, I would appreciate.
> Thank you.
> SS