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RE: DWG files in Adobe Acrobat - Color

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Any postscipt files.  The following text is from the online Help.

File conversions and tricks

Some common file conversions that can be performed using GSview and
Ghostscript are: 

Convert PostScript to PDF. File | Print, select pdfwrite, 300dpi,
Print to File. With Ghostscript 5.50, fonts with non-standard
encodings will be included as bitmaps.  If you choose 72dpi, fonts
will look rough. 

Convert PDF to PostScript. File | Print, select pswrite, 300dpi, Print
to File. 

Convert Level 2 PostScript to Level 1 PostScript. File | Print, select
psmono, 300dpi, Print to File. Instead of 300dpi, you should use the
resolution of your printer. 

Convert to a bitmap. File | Print, select bmp16m, 72dpi, Print to

Convert to an editable vector format (pstoedit). Edit | Convert to
vector format OR convert to PDF using the method above. 

Extract text (pstotext). Edit | Text Extract 

Add a preview to an EPS file. Edit | Add EPS Preview.   See Add EPS
Preview for more details. 

Remove preview from an EPS file. Edit | Extract EPS | PostScript 

Display with smooth edges. Media | Display Settings.  Set Text Alpha
and Graphics Alpha to 4.  You need a display with at least 8 bits per

Save the displayed bitmap. Edit | Copy to copy to the clipboard. To
save to a BMP file, use Edit | Copy then Paste To... 

Create a bitmap with smooth edges (anti-aliasing). 1. Display with
smooth edges and save the display bitmap. OR 2. Convert to ppmraw and
set the properties 
   -dTextAlphaBits=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=4

> What kind of Postscript files?  EPS only? Or any Postscript (i.e. print to
> file using PS driver, and it will convert)?

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