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Exterior Timber Protection

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In conjunction with the effectiveness of Thompson Water Seal, Tom Hunt and 
Roger Turk suggested referring to Consumer Reports. The June 1998 issue 
discusses tests that were made and also refers to some previous tests that 
were aborted because in a short time the protection performed so badly .

The report considered several different standard, well-known  manufacturers,  
each of which also listed  several  different products designed for  
protection purposes.  My conclusion on reading the report is that no one 
manufacturer had products that were consistently effectiive. That is, some 
products from each manufacturer  were rated from "fair" to "poor".  Almost 
none seemed to be  consistently rated as "good" . 

 I really do not  know what to make of the report and tend to question the 
test results since I would not expect similarly labelled products from the 
same manufacturer  to be markedly different.  Rather, I would expect that in 
some cases the products would be almost identical and the differences would 
be primarily in the labelling and advertising.  

Consequently it is not clear to me if there is an inexpensive, reliable way 
to protect exterior timbers.  The  Abatron company products might do the job, 
but they are not inexpensive.

                           Roy Levy