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Re: Exterior Timber Protection

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>From my experience, the Abitron products are more for repair of damaged wood 
than as a preservative. I'm not totally familiar with their full line, but 
have used their wood repair product with good results.

I live in the desert and designed my home with much exposed heavy timber, 
solid wood doors, columns and even a solid wood garage door. The upkeep on 
the exposed wood is something that I learned to accept when I chose to use 
wood. None of the products I've used including the Behr products lasted more 
than a couple years before needing to be retreated. 

With the exception of windows (which are wood and painted with a primer and 
oil based paint) my exposed wood is lightly stained and weather treated. I 
look for products that provide some UV inhibitor since the sun is more 
destructive than water in my area. 

What I can't do anything about is the warps, twists, checks and other defects 
resulting from drying and swelling of the wood. I've learned to live with 
this and consider it the character of the wood. I used an 8X18 DF beam at the 
Portola outside the front door at the edge of the entry. The member has 
cupped and warped around the neutral access. From the end it looks like its 
ready to fall over, but it is not. Still, it bothered me for some time until 
I learned there was little I could do to stop the changes.

I did find that the closer you get to the core of the log the less warp and 
twist that will occur. However, this is hindsight. I also learned to use two 
pieces of material for creating exposed headers so that the outside will be 
allowed to twist with the heat of the sun and not crack the gypsum on the 
interior face of the wall. Again in hindsight.

Hope this helps a bit.

Dennis S. Wish PE