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RE: Reinforcement of massive pedestals

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With regard to minimum reinforcement in thick sections, ACI 350R recommends:
"Concrete sections 24 in. or thicker may have the minimum temperature and
shrinkage reinforcement at each face based on a 12 in. thickness."

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> Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 9:11 AM
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> Subject: Reinforcement of massive pedestals 
> I need to design a footing for a large vertical vessel in a highly 
> seismically-active area.  Soils are good, though, and allow 
> the footing pad 
> to be 20'x20'x36." The loads (including considerable weight 
> and seismic 
> shear and uplift/pullout) are applied through three 
> baseplates @120 degrees 
> connected to a 12'x12'x4'-6" pedestal centered on the 
> footing. The pedestal 
> height is dictated by the technological process.
> Within the contact areas I installed rebar cages similarly to 
> short  tied 
> "columns."  I also tied the tops of the three "columns" 
> together with rebars 
> to resist considerable shear.
> Unsure about the reinforcement of the rest of the pedestal. 
> Both the ACI 
> 0.0018 and Caltrance's 0.0025 reinforcement ratios appear to 
> be excessive.
> Any thoughts about how to reinforce the pedestal away from 
> the areas of 
> contact (apparenly, minimum reinforcement)?
> Steve Gordin, S.E.
> Irvine CA