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Re: CE News needs your opinion

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I am aware of the availability of Modern Steel (hence the "shining
exception"), and look forward to each months addition.  It is without a
doubt one of the finest publications available in the engineering community,
free or otherwise.  This last issue, with the technical summaries of the
NASCC presentations is marvelous. I receive Structure, but can't say I have
been all that impressed.

The main thrust of my comments centered on the AISC Engineering Journal,
among others.  The journals represent a critical part of "staying current"
in our profession. Unfortunately the journals are also fairly expensive.  In
my opinion, the various institutes would perform a far greater service to us
practitioners if they would make a concerted effort to reduce the cost of

Paul Feather PE

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> Paul--
> As I've mentioned previously, any U.S.-based structural engineer not
> currently receiving Modern Steel Construction can receive a free
> subscription simply be emailing me at melnick(--nospam--at)
> Also, if I'm not mistaken, Structure is available free to all members of
> state structural engineering associations that are members of the NCSEA.
> Scott Melnick
> Modern Steel Construction
> Stan, the only difference as I see it is that every one of the magazines
> you have listed, with the shining exception of Modern Steel (and Seaint
> Online), are not free to the subscribers.
> I think the running total to stay abreast of current developments by
> subscribing to the technical journals only is around four hundred dollars
> year.
> The various institutes and societies need to support themselves and cover
> the cost of publication, I know, but the biggest service to our profession
> they could offer would be to make the JOURNALS more affordable.