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Re: Seismic Zone For India

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The Indian Code that is applicable for earthquake analysis is IS1893,
that was last revised in 1984. The wind load code is IS875, last revised
in 1987.  There are many factors to be considered, and it is best 
that you get a copy of these codes.  Most structures in India are 
required to comply with the relevant IS codes, and you should check if 
this situation is also true in your case.  Some of the codes that you
would need to comply with (assuming RCC structure) are IS456, IS875 
(all parts), IS:1893, IS:4326, IS13920 for the structure, and 
several others for foundation etc.

Hope this helps.

> > I am doing a project in Punjab India, I would like to know what is the
> > seismic zone for Punjab India is and what is the wind velocity?
> > My architect is telling me they use zone 4 for seismic and for and wind
> > velocity use 100 MPH, I have doubts about this factors.
> > If any body has some experience working in that part of country or have some
> > references, I would appreciate.
> > Thank you.
> > 
> > SS

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