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In a message dated 5/26/99 6:26:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Rbengrguy(--nospam--at) writes:

 Mr. Wish does not have the correct information about the Illinois S.E.
 License.  The requirements for examination are:
 	  8 hours FE
 	16 hours SE
 The PE exam does not count as any part of qualification for SE but is
 required for Illinois PE.
 Illinois SE is a practice act, i.e., an Illinois PE cannot do any
 structural design.  California SE is a title act, i.e., a California PE
 can do most structural work.  Only Hawaii has the same requirements as
 I hope this helps.    WGC >>

Sorry Gene, I was quoting the information provided by Bob Johnson, SE a 
member of SEAOI and NCSEA. These were not my interpretations. No matter what 
is correct the distinction is still confusing at best. 

I think the distiction between "title act" and "practice act" is very 
confusing to most of us. Personally, I am not clear on the distinction and 
look only at the qualifications of the person who is performing the work.  I 
can't imagine an engineer qualified to practice structural engineering with a 
CE license on low rise, non-essential structures who would not be able to 
design similar structures in Illinois. I can understand the distinction if 
the projects were Chicago highrise buildings, but not commercial or 
residential structures in say, Sterling Illinois. 

Possibly the changes we are seeing take place in a national exam will help to 
clarify the distinction. It does not appear as though Illinois understands 
the capabilities of California engineers either.

I received my PE (in Civil Engineering) in California although I was born and 
raised right there in Skokie near your office at PCA (which I assume you 
still occupy). 

Thanks for clearing this up and I apologize for the wrong information.


In a message dated 5/23/99 5:59:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Rbengrguy(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Attention SEAINT members:
 Here's a story:  
 I am a licensed SE in the STATE of Illinois.  I took the Illinois SE exam to 
 obtain my registration.   HOWEVER, as a structural engineer I felt it was 
 necessary to obtain PE registration in ILLINOIS.   Several of my colleagues 
 only have SE licenses too!  
 For those of you who are not familar with ILLINOIS registration laws,  I 
 believe Illinois is unique as it maintains a totally distinct separation of 
 PE and SE registration.  WE have separate PE and SE registration laws and 
 separate boards.
 I applied to reciprocity (Comity) for  PE registration in New Jersey and had 
 NO problem in obtaining a PE  license.
 In January 1998 I applied for registration as a PE  to practice structural 
 engineering in Indiana.  Indiana does not  have separate requirements for 
 practice of structural engineering.
 I completed the necessary paperwork and had the State of Illinois send 
 verification of my Illinois registration.
 My application for PE was denied!!!!. 
  You see, Indiana law requires examination  in 8 hours of general 
 knowledge.  When I took the Illinois SE exam  the test included only  4 
 of general engineering knowledge.
 Unfortunately The State of Illinois did not state in my registration records 
 that the 4 hour general engineering exam was waived as I had taken the eight 
 hour "Enginering in Training"    (EIT) exam.  I eventually had a hearing 
 before the Indiana Board where I protested the decision to refuse my 
 of an Indiana PE  license.
 It took almost ONE YEAR  to get all the paper work cleared but I finally 
 received my Indiana PE registration as I met all of their examination 
 A Word of Warning for few   (most likely those in Illinois with only an SE ) 
 who  may have SE registration but not PE registation.  
 Isn't this an example to get uniform/standard  licensing, regisration  laws 
 across the country?
 Bob  Johnson,   SE