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Crane Wheel Manufacturer

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Hi there!,

I am responsible in the design of a gantry crane mounted on the side
boards of a 25m-wide flat barge. An excavator is mounted at the center
of the crane to unload coal. The main problem lies in the design of the
wheels and their connection to rail tracks placed on top of the side
boards.  I am looking for a crane wheel manufacturer which can supply
wheel and rail track specifications on the internet. I could find only 1
manufacturer 'Xtec', but they do not respond to my e-mail.  I would
appreciate if there is anybody in this discussion group who could
provide me with other manufacturers' homepage or fax numbers. Your
suggestions to the wheel-track connection details (to provide uplift
protection) are also gladly welcomed.

Kind regards,

Dr. Benjamin Indrawan
PT. Pidelta Strukturindo
Jakarta, Indonesia