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RE: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

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Title: RE: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

The incident in question occurred at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal in November of 1989.  Fourteen female engineering students were murdered in the school by a person named Mark Lepine.  M. Lepine was angry because he believed that he had been rejected in his application to enter engineering school and that a number of less-qualified applicants had been accepted because of their sex.  He entered a classroom brandishing a Ruger Mini-14 and directed all of the male students to leave.  He then began shouting that the remaining female students were "all a bunch of fxxxing feminists" and began shooting. 

As it turns out, an "affirmative action" program had been put in place at the school, and it appears that M. Lepine had been informed that one of the reasons for his rejection was that he was male.  While his subsequent actions are obviously not excusable under any circumstances, I understand his frustration.  During the reign of the socialist NDP government in Ontario, I applied for a provincial government job  and was told point blank by a government employee (a francophone woman) that I would not be considered for the job and that I had wasted my time (a 7 hour round trip to Sudbury) in delivering my application because I was a white anglophone male.  While I like to think I've gotten over it (well, almost...) I probably wouldn't have appreciated any "dumb white anglophone male" jokes for a few days.

Apropos of the original point ("woman" jokes on the list), perhaps we can limit the humour to engineering topics?  It's not as if there is a shortage of other types of humour available elsewhere on the net...


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Subject: Re: The Top Six Reasons Computers are Fe

I was planning to stay out of this thread, but got caught up in some of the
comments.  I would really be interested in more info on the woman that was
murdered because she was an engineer.  I find that extremely incredible.  I
feel there has to be a lot more variables in there than the mere fact she was
an engineer.  There had to be someone will a "head problem" involved in this