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Re: Laterally Loaded Piles

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I have used a simple statics approach to designing pole footings.  Guess
length of embedment.

1. For the resistance, assume two patterns of soil pressure: a parabolic
distribution for the full height, and a triangular distribution with the
zero value
at the  top and the maximum at the bottom.

2. Solve the statics problem including all of the loads on the  pole to
the magnitude of the triangular and parabolic patterns.

3. The pole will be stable if the maximum pressure in the upper part of
pole does not exceed the passive capacity.

4. The deflection can be calculated if you know the elastic
characteristics of
the bottom material, or say the deflection is zero, or say the
deflection is zero
at the point of no pressure.

Never underestimate the value of statics.- 

Milo Ketchum
Denver Colorado