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RE: SEAINT Listservice "Virtual" Committee Structure.

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This tickles my memory on something I've had on my mind.

I am very interested in adapting some parts of FEMA 273 to wind engineering.

It may not be recognized by those of you on the left coast who are zeroed in
on seismic retrofit, but the wind has been doing terrible things to certain
locations in the other 90% of the country that doesn't worry about

It is typical that, after a serious storm like a hurricane here on the gulf
coast, local officials are pressured to revise building codes, "upping" the
basic wind speed criteria (usually).  I know for a fact that after Hurricane
Fredrick struck Mobile, Alabama in 1978, the basic wind speed went from 90
mph to 120 mph per the local building official.

With the value of real estate increasing particularly in coastal areas which
are attractive to those looking to buy second homes, or investors buying
used condo buildings, prospective owners are rightfully concerned that their
investment could be "gone with the wind."

However, these properties were typically designed using now-outmoded
criteria such as those contained in UBC 1976 or ANSI A58.1.

Some aspects of FEMA 273 (particularly with regard to stiffness of elements
that may not normally considered part of the structural system when the
building was originally designed) seem to me to be appropriate to this
effort as well. However, I am not nearly so expert in this area as I'd like
to be, and consequently would love to hear the comments of others.

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> Subject: SEAINT Listservice "Virtual" Committee Structure.
> I am not sure whether many of the SEAINT Listservice members are
> interested in the subject, "Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings", but the
> ASCE/FEMA 273 Project is entering a critical stage and would be a good
test to see
> if SEAINT can effective establish a "Virtual" Committee Structure and make
> a difference in the national codes and standards that will affect our
professions and
> practice.