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Re: Harold Sprague-Setting an Example

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Oshin Tosounian,

You are "right on target."   I agree with your assessment of Harold Sprague's 
conduct and performance.  We are all richer for his example.

I wish I could "unring the bell" concerning some of my Seaint List Service 
messages that I have posted, sometimes in the middle of the night, when I was 
having a "bad hair day."     

My mother, like many other mothers, told me that if I could not say something 
nice about a person, it was better not to say anything.  I wish I had 
listened to my mother's advice more often.

I plan to pin up your thoughtful message near my computer monitor so I can 
refer it  when I am tempted to forget what my mother told me.

Please keep your messages coming.

Frank E. McClure       FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)   May 28, 1999