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RE: seaint Digest for 26 May 1999

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Many months ago I picked up an academic version of Acrobat 3 at our local
Computer Show and Sale for about $60. It seems that many programs are
available to educators and students at a reduced rate. When I checked a
couple of weeks ago, only one show vendor had a copy--the regular retail
version-- which he was willing to sell me for $99. I know that I can get the
Academic version of Acrobat 4 for $79 (my wife's a student, as are both of
my kids).

FYI, I bought my Mom a computer and all the software she wanted in December
for under $1000. That included Office Professional ($130), Windows 98 ($90),
Quicken 99, and some other programs, a 9 GB HD, 64 MB Ram, a 350 MHz K6-2,
32X CD-ROM & 56k modem, and a 17-inch refurbished NEC monitor. I don't buy
software from the stores any more. Check out for info on
sales in your area.

  -- Ted

  -- Ted

> "Bill Polhemus" <polhemus(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Subject: RE: DWG files in Adobe Acrobat - Color
> This brings up a question:
> Is there any way to get a version of Adobe Acrobat at a reasonable price?
> I'd really like to put some documents online, but they want at least $180
> for it, which is a bit steep for personal use.