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Errata: Fwd: "Re:Code Created Malpractice Opportunity-Rigid v. Flexible Dia

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Please correct the wording of my Subject Message sent on May 321, 1999, 
4:41:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

The wording of the sixth paragraph from the top of this Subject Message 
should read:
"The current wording in the ASCE/FEMA 273, April 12, 1999 Draft, concerning 
FEMA 273, Section 2.11.4 is basically the same (except for some increases in 
the values of the sidebar equation of Rot from 6 to 8 for Life Safety and Rot 
from 7.5 to 10 for Collapse Prevention."

In the seventh paragraph from the top, second line should read: ".....were 
prepared by competent experienced  structural engineering firms with 
considerable experience in the seismic evaluation...."

In the next to last paragraph from the bottom, fifth line should read:  "Even 
worse, inexperienced engineers will conclure....."

Frank E. McClure        FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)     May 31, 1999