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Re: Code Created Malpractice Opportunity-Rigid v.Flexible Diaphragm

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Many of us are insistent on the issues presented in this thread - every time 
a dissenting opinion comes along, we take the time to address it and, 
hopefully, present compeling facts to support our views. Nothing can be 
accomplished if our comments are discarded or ignored. I would hope that 
comments from those in a position to set policy, like John Shipp, are not 
meant to flatly end the discussion. Establishing a non-yielding policy will 
only suceed in negating the purpose of this list - which is to bring forth 
all sides of an issue and correct that which is inadequate.

I caution those, who are in a unique position to make policy, to clearly and 
publically distinguish their personal opinions from what may be perceived as 
establishing a policy or drawing a conclusion from our discussions. 

Dennis S. Wish PE