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Re: Re[2]: Code Created Malpractice Opportunity-Rigid v.Flexible

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I can' t argue with you but I don't think it is realistic to take 15,000 
personalities on the List and assume that everyone of them will avoid 
confrontation or name-calling. This is something that is impossible to contol 
- as difficult as it is to control in a heated committee meeting sitting 
across from one another. 
An active member of any committee becomes vulnerable when his opinions become 
public. Most of us who participate in committees have a thick enough skin to 
overcome this.
There have been some very prominent members of our list who refused to return 
because they felt attacked. When I spoke with them privately, they realized 
that this was not a common occurance and that the majority of those on the 
list respect their opinions whether they agree or not. A greater majority of 
offenders will seek out the other party and apologize for stepping over the 
line. I don't know how many do this privately over publically.
My point is that any opinion can create conflict - it's the nature of the 
beast. We all wish to prove our case and we become offended if we interpret a 
comment as condecending or out of place. It may well be our perspective that 
is off, but often times it is not. 
Still, the need to communicate and discuss these topics is more important 
than a bruised ego. We need to be less sensitive and more understanding of 
the passion that many of have for the unpopular opinion.
Those in a position to make policy need to have a thicker skin than the rest 
because they make themselves targets more often than the rest. It's the 
bigger picture than is most important - how will this affect the profession 
and the building owner?


In a message dated 6/1/99 2:03:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time, RRanous(--nospam--at) 

 I think you have restated my point.  What we (SEAOC as well as other
 associations) need to do is get the committees to post the information.
 You are absolutely right that the tools are there and have been for three
 years.  I can assure you that at both the SEAOC and SEAOSC boards the
 committee chairs are encouraged to post minutes and documents after every
 My final comment still holds true--committees will be less likely to post
 the information we all want to see if the conversations and debate on the
 issues resorts to name calling.
 Rick >>