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Re: Re[2]: Code Created Malpractice Opportunity-Rigid v.Flexible

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Dennis - You and Shafat have a valid point about the SEAOC committees not
posting information. This is a task that the SEAOC Board should consider
assigning to its staff via the Exec Director. So perhaps the new director
could be given this assignment in the fall.

Also, much of the code work originates at subcommittees or at the regional
level, so similar cooperation would be needed by each SEA regional
organization in NCSEA.

However, there are other groups that are not associated with SEAINT that
also generate code changes. The BSSC and its CRSC are among them for seismic
concerns, and each materials organization has similar groups. The last time
I talked to the BSSC about this, they recognized the value of sharing
information on the internet, but lacked the staff time to upload drafts on a
consistent basis.

One other possibility? Our city council allows people to phone in for three
minute sessions at each meeting. Some of these phone calls have made a
difference. Users can convey a tone of voice and a level of urgency that
computers may not readily allow at this time. The Seismology Committee
already has a well-used system of replying to written inquiries and
disseminating their correspondence to Committee members before meetings.
Phone calling, emailing or other types of outreach might help the notion
that members represent others while serving on committees.

It is still human nature that anyone will typically make a bigger difference
if they show up and participate in person. Perhaps this will change in time.

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