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rigid wood diaphragms

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Rigid wood diaphragms
Wood construction of light framed buildings.

I have read that some engineers envelope the 
possible force distributions. (rigid vs. flexible 

Does any one consider the "continuos beam 
over supports" load distribution? ATC3 
suggested increase factors for interior shear 
walls. (rigid shear and flexible flexure)

Does anyone assume a flexible diaphragm 
force distribution and then specifies that the 
gluing of floors is not allowed? Is a glued floor 
a rigid diaphragm? If so then shouldn't the 
force results be enveloped for when the glue 
may break free. 

Consider a glued and unblocked diaphragm. 
When the glue breaks free, is there enough 
breakage to transfer shear to the more flexible 
nailing to allow a flexible diaphragm?

Does any one consider the releasing of lateral 
forces from non-shear walls? The wall must 
reach a capacity to crack the finishes. Does any 
one check the bearing on the joists to restrain 
the wall to crack the finishes? What should be 
the release capacity of finishes on a non-shear 

David B Merrick, SE