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RE: Discussing Engineering Fee's

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Title: RE: Discussing Engineering Fee's


There never has been a CSES (or whatever) in Texas.  CASE (Coalition of American Structural Engineers) used to have a chapter in Texas.  Membership was by firm, not by individual, and the focus was on business.  They started around 1992, and folded last year.  Part of the reason that they failed to build momentum was their close relationship to the pricey American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC).  Another reason was that SEAoT has had an active Business Practices Committee for more than fifteen years.  Incidentally, the immediate past President of NCSEA, James T. (Tim) Slider, was the founder of CASE-Texas.

Now then, go out and join the Houston Chapter of SEAoT today! 


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas, Texas (Hockeytown South)

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Subject: RE: Discussing Engineering Fee's

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> Before I get to my question, I would like to recommend CSES
> (which is now a
> symbiotic partner to SEAOSC  - representing their business
> chapter). CSES
> represents the practical business concerns of engineers and
> has been around ,
> as I understand it, since the 1940's.

Does anyone know if they have chapters elsewhere (such as in Texas)?

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