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RE: double sided shear walls

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Aside from the grade, another aspect that you should check is to see if it
will be kiln dried.  Once you are out of the 2x material, kiln dried lumber
is rare.  If it is not kiln dried, it will shrink differentially than the
members framed into it (assuming that they are kiln dried).

Another point that you touched on, is that once lumber is milled from a
larger piece of lumber, the grading on the original member is no longer

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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In Santa Cruz the locale lumber yard can order the material from there

When I called the lumber yard to ask about the availability, the sales
person said they could order it or they could mill it from 4x.

I then asked would it be graded? He said no and that would be an extra cost
and if we wanted graded material it would be a special order.

So, what have we learned?

1. 3x material is available if the contractor special orders it.

2. The 3x material actually used on the site will probably be milled from a
4x  - either on the site by the contractor or by the lumber yard.

3. There are some locale grading agencies in the area, and I have used them
to verify existing lumber grades be fore. The cost has been minimal compared
to the over all cost of the project.