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RE: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstatio Triforma

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Title: RE: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstatio Triforma


My company is almost 100% Microstation CADD, with a couple of floating AutoCAD seats.  I therefore looked at TriForma with considerable interest during the recent AIA Convention in Dallas.  It appears to be an expensive pre-processor and post-processor for Microstation CADD.  As far as I can tell , it is neither a structural design nor a structural analysis package.  In fact, I believe that I was told that it can be linked to STAAD (ugh!) or to GT-STRUDL for structural analysis and design.  I walked away with little interest, but carrying a nice blue cloth Bentley tote bag for the wife!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas (Hockeytown), Texas

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Subject: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstatio Triforma

Last week I attended the a/e/c show in Los Angeles and looked at an
impressive structural cadd package by Bentley called Microstation Triforma
Structural. Wanted to know if any body looked at it and what impression you
got from it?
Joseph Harouni