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RE: double sided shear walls

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Other than Southern Pine, there is no definition for "kiln dried."

Here in the desert southwest, lumber graded "dry" (19 percent moisture 
content or less) will shrink, split, twist and do other strange things as it 
dries down to its equilibrium moisture content of about 6 percent.  8 inch 
diameter posts will have 3/4 inch splits.

I try to make it very clear to my clients when they want 6 X 12 or larger 
beams what will happen to them.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Harold Sprague wrote:

. > Aside from the grade, another aspect that you should check is to see if it
. > will be kiln dried.  Once you are out of the 2x material, kiln dried 
. > lumber is rare. If it is not kiln dried, it will shrink differentially 
. > than the members framed into it (assuming that they are kiln dried).