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RE: double sided shear walls

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Mr. Rose:

Thanks for the reply.  What shear wall heights and aspect ratios were

|~| The cyclic load shear wall test project sponsored by APA at
|~|UC-Irvine in 1995 showed that UBC deflection formula predicts deflection
|~|accurately for shear loads up to 40% over UBC allowable values,
|~|which is still
|~|less than yield limit state. Two other factors need to be considered: the
|~|hold-down will now be required to resist the total force (based
|~|on 900 plf for
|~|example); and check bearing stress of end posts on plates.  The
|~|end posts may
|~|have to be increased in size or number so that bearing does not
|~|control. (I
|~|recommend using 1977 NDS bearing stress f-c perp. = 385 psi for
|~|Douglas fir.

Someone should invent "Supersill"(TM), a sill plate with fc perp=fc par of
the hd post.

Jeff Smith