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Re: Re: Getting Paid for structural observation

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I would throw this back at the Owner and force a change in perspective.  I
would tell the Owner "He is your Contractor, not mine.  I am not responsible
for his mistake and should not bear the financial burden.  I am your
engineer, not the Contractors.  If there is a cost problem then you (Owner)
negotiate the additional services to take it out of the Contractors fee."  

You should not have to take the risk for the Owner hiring a Contractor.  If
the Owner wants your services for corrections to the work then he should pay
for them.

seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
The problem arises when the contractor misses something or has made a change 
in construction that requires correction which must be noted in the 
structural Observation. My contract calls for Observation fee's to be paid by

the owner and clearly states that the need for additional engineering to 
correct errors or justify changes in construction will be billed at an hourly

rate (time and materials).
This is the root of the problem. It creates conflict between the owner and 
contractor. The engineer is usually on the short end of the stick in this 
case. The owner does not feel obligated to pay the engineer to correct the 
contractors error and the contractor tries to cover up the error and blame it

back on the engineer.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
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