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RE: Parking space size

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Ramsey/Sleeper's Architectural Graphics Standards is a font of information 
on things like this. Unfortunately I can't remember if it is published by 
Wiley, McGraw-Hill or somebody else.


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Subject:	Parking space size

The parking lot where I park has irregular spaces.  The centerline between
the short side of the spots is an arc.  This makes the open end of the 
very wide on the outside and very narrow on the inside of the arc.  So some
of the spots are difficult to get into.  I found this out the hard way this
morning the hard way when the corner of my bumper bumped the corner of the
car in the adjacent spot.

QUESTION---Is there guidelines for minimum width of parking spaces.  If
anyone knows or knows where I could find this I would greatly appreciate 
I am not an expert in parking lot design but I don't think that the spots
are laid out properly.

Bruce C. Trobridge PE
Assistant Building Structural Engineer
NYS - Office of General Services