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RE: Parking space size

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Check your local zoning ordinances.  They should list the sizes for standard
(and compact) parking stalls.  They usually vary from jurisdiction to

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> Subject:	Parking space size
> The parking lot where I park has irregular spaces.  The centerline between
> the short side of the spots is an arc.  This makes the open end of the
> spots
> very wide on the outside and very narrow on the inside of the arc.  So
> some
> of the spots are difficult to get into.  I found this out the hard way
> this
> morning the hard way when the corner of my bumper bumped the corner of the
> car in the adjacent spot.
> QUESTION---Is there guidelines for minimum width of parking spaces.  If
> anyone knows or knows where I could find this I would greatly appreciate
> it.
> I am not an expert in parking lot design but I don't think that the spots
> are laid out properly.
> Bruce C. Trobridge PE
> Assistant Building Structural Engineer
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