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Moving Faults and related foundation dam

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If I had not already done so, I would authorize my client to provide copies 
of my report to the lady.  I have a provision in my reports that says,

a)    That information contained in the report is to be provided only as 
complete copies of the report, including enclosures, appendices and addenda 
and is not to be provided orally, and,

b)    The information contained in the report is not to be construed as a 
recommendation to buy or not to buy a particular property --- that the buyer 
is to evaluate the information in the report and together with all other 
considerations decide if the property meets their requirements.

I have found that people "hear" certain things in oral reports and don't 
hear other, more important things, therefore, I will rarely give an oral 

The second item I put in after a client had me look at several residential 
properties that he was considering purchasing and remarked that I "was 
awfully hard to please."  I told him that I would probably find something 
"wrong" with any property and that is what I was telling him; I wasn't 
telling him to buy or not to buy the property, but that these things had to 
be considered.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > Today I received a phone call from a woman who is in escrow to purchase 
. > one of the single family homes in this exclusive country club. She was 
. > given my number by the director of the country club who I am working with 
. > to resolve the problem that is affecting the club house. Some of the 
. > single family residences are experiencing cracking of the slabs, 
. > differential settlement of the slab on grade foundations and interior 
. > gypsum cracking. She asked my opinion as to whether she should invest in 
. > the home or start looking for something elsewhere.